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South Korea Enlists Robots in their War

Tired of having to deal engage North Korea in a decades-long staring contest and losing out to Japan in the robots category, South Korea has decided to solve both these problems in one go: making a robot so much more badass than before, the machine had to be enlisted in the Cold War against their nuke-packing Northerners.

The Super Aegis-2 is an automated 12.7mm caliber gun turret set to be deployed in Korea's demilitarized zone. It's mission: protect the democratic half of the East Asian peninsula from getting Zerg-rushed by the more totalitarian half. It's not susceptible to fog of war either, and can spot human targets miles away and in the dark, letting the Super Aegis vent its seething hatred for its fleshy creators on Kim Jong's ilk.

[source: Gizmag]