Sony Unveils Project Morpheus, Virtual Reality Headset for PS4

Sony's Project Morpheus, revealed at the Game Developers Convention in San Francisco, Calif.Sony's Project Morpheus, revealed at the Game Developers Convention in San Francisco, Calif.

SAN FRANCISCO — As rumored, Sony today (Mar. 18) announced a virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 4. Called Project Morpheus, the device joined the growing ranks of virtual reality gaming hardware at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) here. No price and availability information was released, as Sony said the device was still in development.

Project Morpheus is a sleek white headset with a curved black visor that goes over the eyes and has blue lights on the trim.

"Nothing elevates the level of immersion more than virtual reality," said Shuhei Yoshida, Sony's President of Worldwide Studios, as he unveiled the device.

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Yoshida revealed that Sony has been working on virtual reality for several years now, using its PlayStation Move motion controller technology as a baseline. The prototype shown at GDC has a 1080p resolution and a minimum of 90 degrees of display. Sony would not disclose specifics about the finished product.

Designed to fit any head, and even slip over glasses, the headset features an open and adjustable design to avoid fogging and overheating, Sony said. It will also support custom headphones.

Project Morpheus will integrate with the PlayStation DualShock controller and the PlayStation Camera. Sony also suggested that the PlayStation 4's camera had been designed with virtual reality in mind.

Sony is already working on a Project Morpheus demo that puts players on the surface of Mars, partnering with NASA to use data collected by the Mars Curiosity Rover to create an immersive experience.

Virtual reality has been a strong trend at GDC so far, but Sony's entrance into the virtual reality space adds a whole new weight to this growing gaming trend. Yoshida said Sony chose GDC to reveal the device because they wanted to get feedback from the other developers and videogame professionals.

Project Morpheus and a few different demos, including one based on the recent first-person stealth game "Thief,"  will be testable on the GDC show floor, so we'll add our own impressions when we get a chance to try it out ourselves.

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  • alextheblue
    What I'd really like to see is something like Oculus Rift get support for multiple systems, so you don't need a different VR headset for each system! The best move MS could make to counter would be to embrace Oculus Rift so you could use the same headset on PCs as well as XB1.
  • sirskeetsalot2013
    How when it can barely run 1080P 60fps as it is? back to 720p, 30fps like the xbone for sony on supported games....
  • bustapr
    I cant really see devs embracing Sonys VR headset the way they are embracing the Oculus Rift. Hopefully Sony decides to work with Oculus for the next one and make a deal to use the same Rift software because thats the only way I think Sony can be succesful with this. Devs who are working on games supporting Oculus Rift could just quickly port Rift support to Sonys headset easily. Its not a great idea to fragment the VR business before it even starts, especially if the business isnt 100% to be a success.