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Sony Halts Sales and Production of OLED HDTVs

If I could have anything in the world, I would want a big-screen OLED HDTV. While technology (and the market) isn't ready to make large OLEDs yet, it seems that such devices in their smaller forms aren't doing so well.

News reports today say that Sony has pulled the plug on both production and sales of its $2,000 , XEL-1 11-inch set.

Sony said that it will continue to sell the OLED TV in Japan until inventory runs out; and it will continue R&D and supply to North America, Europe and other overseas markets.

"We will continue to consider new products and applications including OLED TVs," Sony spokesman Shigenori Yoshida said in a Reuters report.

According to Japanese source AV Watch (translation), part of Sony's reason to discontinue the TV in Japan is due to a new legislation for filtering controls of adult content for the protection of youth. Rather than re-tool the XEL-1 for the new filters, Sony likely found it to make more sense to just remove it from the market.