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Fujitsu Makes Awesome Video About Slate Design

We saw nearly countless number of tablet or slate devices at CES. While all slates share a similar design, which is centered around a large, touch-sensitive screen, there are small details to consider.

For Fujitsu, these considerations include whether or not it's as obvious and easy to use as a hammer, or soft and cozy as a scarf. Are you confused? Then maybe you need to watch the video below from Fujitsu's design team in Germany.

(via Engadget)

  • abdussamad
    They should have included subtitles.
  • SirDevon
    This explains design?
  • elcentral
    okey do company still do this sort of whot ewer it is ?
  • curryj02
  • Camikazi
    Gotta say the visual aides make the video.
  • cookoy
    awesome? nein, nein, nein. but still worth watching.
  • squallypie
    lol what he is trying to lay out here is perhaps the following points:

    usability ( you should know how to use it without *learning* to use it, just like how u would use a hammer )

    and then he said something about content consumption and content creation ( didnt understand that part )

    and then about customization. your kitchen scrub is useful but very rough where as your scarf can be aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and useful. that is how they wish their slates to be.

    correct me if im wrong :P its atleast nice to see the designers designing the electronics. its not everyday we see who designed the iphone or the nokia n900..
  • das_stig
    Should put some of the r&d or pr budget back into staff wages !!
  • razzb3d
    OMG he looks like Arnold!!!
  • DSpider
    What's so awesome about it ? It's just a foreign guy that explains common knowledge (same with a Japanese katana, hand gun, broom, etc.), nothing too impressive. He doesn't speak teh English very well and it's completely void of vag. It's not awesome, it's shit.

    But please, tell me more about your awesome product without actually presenting it. Have some chocolate.