Baby Monitor 2.0 Features Bluetooth and USB Tech

What do you get when you cram a baby monitor, radio, alarm, and a watch into a bracelet? According to designers Jessica Mendoza and Henoc Monte, you get the Sikker, or the Danish word for safety.

The Sikker setup has two bracelets, one for the concerned parent and a smaller one for that bundle of joy. Both go on a base station to recharge, and feature tiny integrated speakers for music playback.

As an advanced baby monitor, the Sikker system not only transmits audio from the baby to the parent via Bluetooth, and vice-versa. The parent can quickly determine its child's temperature through a color-coded strip. 

A small touch screen display allows the parent to control all functions—even what music the baby will hear to lull them to sleep.

The base station hooks up to a computer via USB to transfer temperature and heart beat history. It's doubtful if the technology right now can provide what the Sikker design concept needs—at a reasonable price for Middle America at least.

If Sikker does make the transition to retail however, it would be the perfect household gadget for those always-paranoid parents.

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  • romansky
    It actually prevents Crysis!
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  • hoof_hearted
    But can it play Crysis?
  • serkol
    "perfect household gadget for those always-paranoid parents" :-)

    We were paranoid with our first baby :-)
    With the second and the third one - MUCH less worries. I would buy this bracelet when we had our first baby. Now I know that this would be a waste of money.
  • romansky
    It actually prevents Crysis!