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Tech Myths: Boosting Reality

Super Size, Same Results

No, I won’t drag you through the whole song and dance. I found a 24 oz. can of Rockstar, prepped the can, and tried it out with both BlackBerry phones. All I had to show for my efforts was a little more energy—in me, not the phone reception. The phone showed three bars before and three after. If anything, the can worked as a signal blocker when oriented away from the cell tower.

We really wanted this test to work. What would be cooler than being trapped on a hike someday and being able to just barely call for a rescue because you were able to MacGyver your pop can into service? Alas, it wasn’t to be.

I’d be very interested to hear from others who found any success with this approach and how your methods might have differed from mine. I doubt that buying Arizona instead of Rockstar would make the difference, but stranger things have happened. A difference in can composition or thickness, perhaps? Show me your success and perhaps we’ll circle back with a round 2 of this myth. For now, I have to declare it a dud.