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Tech Myths: Boosting Reality

HDR: “It Has To Be Fake”

The image you see here is a shot captured in late June by an incredible pro photographer friend of mine, Gary Wilson. I show it to demonstrate the relationship between HDR and boosting reality. I took this image and sent it to another close friend who, like me, had no prior experience with HDR. This was his response:

“Intensely amazing. But it has to be Photoshopped. I've lived near this bridge my entire life and the underbelly of it has always looked nasty-skanky. How did he get Cathedral Park to look so beautiful? It has to be fake....”

No, it’s not fake at all. In Wilson’s own words, here’s how he created the image: “While I am principally a Canon shooter professionally, I enjoy using my Pentax K20D with its complement of fixed focal length Limited series lenses for much of my personal work. In this photo, taken of the St. Johns Bridge just prior to official sunset, I used the 21mm set at f8 in a five shot auto exposure bracket with each exposure two stops apart in aperture priority. The five individual exposures were rendered in Photomatix Pro software in its Generate HDR Image mode. The resultant image was finalized in Topaz Adjust software.”