How to Set Up Facial Recognition on the Galaxy Note 8

The iPhone X may offer Face ID, Apple’s take on facial recognition. But Samsung had the feature first with the Galaxy S8. Now the new security option appears on the Note 8, and while it’s not as secure as using a fingerprint, facial recognition is a super fast way to unlock your phone, since all you have to do is look at the device.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Face recognition is just one of the security features Samsung offers with the Note 8. You can also unlock the phone with your fingerprint or use iris scanning. You will have to choose between iris scanning or facial recognition, though, as the Note 8 can't support both methods at once.

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Here’s how to set up facial recognition on the Galaxy Note 8.

1. Open Settings.

2. Tap on Lock Screen and Security.

3. Select Face Recognition.

4. Create a PIN.

5. Follow the instructions and move out of direct sunlight to make it easier for the Note 8’s camera to record your face. Tap Continue.

6. Get ready to hold your phone directly in front of your face and position it inside the circle.

7. Once your face has been scanned, turn on facial recognition as your preferred method to unlock your phone.

8. Customize your facial recognition settings so your phone unlocks automatically when you look at it. You can even toggle on a setting to speed up that process, but Samsung says there’s tradeoff: faster facial recognition leads to decreased security.

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