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This Transcribing Wearable is a Note-Takers Dream

Writers, bloggers, note-takers and list-makers could soon find their lives a whole lot easier with a stylish new wearable device.

Credit: Senstone

(Image credit: Senstone)

Literally with a quick snap or tap, the Senstone Intelligent Wearable Voice Recorder lets you record notes and have them automatically transcribed and saved as both audio and text files when synced with your smartphone.

When placed within 8 inches of your face, the Senstone can cut through background noise, and transcriptions are about 95 percent accurate, according to its maker.

The rounded, audio waveform-inspired device measures a little bit more than an inch in diameter and a third of an inch thick. Small flashing lights on its black "screen" tell you when it's recording, when you've stopped or started recording, you're connected to your phone or you're charging the device.

For $145, or $100 if you're an early backer on Kickstarter, you can record 300 minutes worth of notes. If you need more storage, you'll be able to pay for a premium app subscription with a monthly fee that hasn't been determined yet.

The Senstone app works with the iPhone 5s or newer running iOS 9 or higher, as well as Android phones running Android 5.0 or higher. In the app, you sift through your notes by category, which you can designate when you're recording by saying "hashtag" and a specific word. When you record a note and end it saying "hashtag groceries," for instance, your note can be categorized as a grocery list.

So far, it looks like the biggest downside is that the Senstone can only record for a minute at a time, according to Business Insider, which got its hands on one of these devices prior to its Kickstarter launch. Early bird backers are expected to get theirs in July.