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The Spyplane that Fits in your Briefcase

This is another one of those gadgets that seem straight out of Q's lab. It's a surveillance UAV that you can bring with you wherever your latest espionage mission takes you. Whether you're skiing down snow-capped alps or stealthing about the outskirts of a Soviet weapons facility, the Sensefly Swinglet CAM is always good to go.

To start up a surveillance run, simply grab the Swinglet by the wings, give it three shakes, and fling it upwards like a kite once the motor gets up to speed. You plot its flight plan from your laptop, and the software can accommodate changes on the, er, fly. Once your recon's complete, it can initiate a soft landing on a designated spot for easy pickup.

The Swinglet comes with a padded briefcase so you can stow this little sky-ninja when you're done. The briefcase comes packed with a charger, spare battery, radio modem, and traditional remote controls if you prefer to do things hands-on. The Pro model even comes with its own field-ready notebook that'll serve as your roving base of operations.

Drop by Sensefly if the superspy in you needs some additional recon hardware. There's no listed price though, so it might be wise to put the bill on your MI6 expense account.

[source: Sensefly via Like Cool]