Sega Dreamcast Stuffed Into a Millennium Falcon

We've showed some pretty amazing console mods here, but this one might just be our most favorite yet.

The Dreamcast still stands as one of the most compactly designed consoles, especially when considering only the original releases of consoles and not the eventual "slim" revisions. But no matter how well Sega did in packaging its last console, it can't beat a fully working Dreamcast stuffed inside a Millennium Falcon.

Check out the video below:

Dreamcast Stuffed into Millennium Falcon

This mod was created by "pezzapoo" and featured on Ben Heck's Showcase. Pezzapoo wrote in the mod's description:

"As soon as I saw these caricature versions of the Star wars toys I thought about the Dreamcast and how the fun little console would feel right at home inside one. Strangely the DC game port facia fitted directly into the toy with about a mill to spare so I knew it was meant to be! Two side docking ring fans keep the hot DC from melting. Lots of soldering and the switch was added to turn on the GDROM. No paint was applied."

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  • chickenhoagie
    pretty cool i suppose..doesn't look all that special to me though. I guess i'd rather see it done with a newer console, but still doesn't quite 'awe' me :/. better than anything I could probably do though
  • V3ctor
    Dreamcast killer... You removed her of her dignity... :D
  • carlhenry
    hmm... why do i think i've seen this here before?