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ScotteVest: Technology Enabled Clothing

Personal Area Network

In the title, I referred to the ScotteVest line as "Technology Enabled Clothing". You may be thinking that tons of pockets and storage capacity alone, as cool as that may be, do not necessarily justify the title. I mean, if that were the case, why not refer to a fisherman's vest as "T.E.C."?

Well, during a talk with the founder of ScotteVest, Scott Jordan, he explained what really made the clothing specifically suited for those who love technology - a built in PAN. The PAN, or Personal Area Network, is built into every jacket and pants. This is a series of conduits and holes that link nearly all of the pockets to one another through the lining, allowing headphones, power cords, or antennas to be strung throughout the jacket.

You can even order a solar panel which uses the PAN to power your devices while you are on the move!

Mr. Jordan explained that while we often use wireless technology today, very few wireless technologies are truly secure. Cell phone communications aren't protected; Bluetooth can be hacked; WEP keys can be cracked. Wires are still the only thing that cannot be compromised remotely.

Wires can connect nearly every pocket in the jacket creating a hidden highway of data, sound, or power.

In many ways he sees clothing fitted with the PAN system to be a challenger to Bluetooth - which has yet to be harnessed for powering or transmitting high fidelity sound. "Only wires can do that." Scott pointed out.