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Back To School With Kid-Friendly Tech

Mercury On-The-Go Pro Hard Drive

Mercury On-The-Go Pro Hard Drive

Who couldn’t use more memory, especially when school starts adding even more stuff to your PC or Mac?  The Mercury On-The-Go Portable Storage Solution gets it done fast and without much technical know-how, thanks to its well-written instructional guide, and fantastic user interface. Even kids who have never backed up a complete hard drive or used an external storage device for more memory, will find this powerful gadget all they need to store the important stuff for school and home. No AC Adapter is needed for this attractive device, which offers kids up to 500 GB of additional space for 250 DVD movies, 500,000 photos, or 175,000 MP3 songs. The lightweight and fast 7,200 RPM drive with FireWire 800/400 gives advanced users the speed they need and can be carried around in a pocket or backpack.

College students shuffling from home to the dorm, but without a portable computing solution (like a laptop), will find the Mercury a beautiful addition to their learning routine, giving them the ability to take everything they need and love from their school PC home (and vice versa). The hardware installation was almost unnoticeable, considering it required nothing more than plugging the connector cable into the hard drive and the computer before powering the Mercury on. It really was that simple.

The Mercury may be the powerhouse of storage systems, and at a price of $189 for the USB 2.0 model and up to $279 for the “Triple Interface” FireWire 800/400 and USB 2.0 model, there is one for every need and budget. Available at Other World Computing’s online store.