Samsung Making Two More Foldable Phones, And They’re Nothing Like Galaxy Fold


Even after showing off the Galaxy Fold only two weeks ago, Samsung’s still looking ahead to another two foldable models to better establish its lead among other early adopters.

Credit: SamsungCredit: SamsungAccording to Bloomberg, the next two foldables will use different mechanisms than the existing Fold. One will be similar to the ‘falcon wing’ design of the Huawei Mate X, while another will be a simple clamshell, as opposed to the ‘book’ style arrangement of the Galaxy Fold.

The clamshell will be the first to appear, intended to be unveiled late in 2019 or in early 2020. The outward folding device will come afterwards, and will lack the external screen as seen on the Galaxy Fold. The clamshell design could have such a screen, but it could be removed depending on public reception of the Fold’s design, Bloomberg’s anonymous sources from within Samsung explain.

Additionally, these sources detail some developments with the original Fold. Samsung is currently trying to improve the screen’s strength, as continued folding will create a crease in the display’s protective film layer. It’s also considering offering free screen replacements to owners to compensate.

While Samsung’s effort was the first by a major phone manufacturer (first place overall belongs to the Royole Flexpai), it was quickly joined by the Mate X. Xiaomi has shown off its own flexible phone, although it has yet to make it into anyone’s hands outside the company.Credit: SamsungCredit: SamsungAnd we will only see more in the long term, too. LG and Motorola are both working on designs of their own according to publically available patent documents and company statements. Plus, the whole smartphone world’s glancing towards Apple to see when it makes a move one way or the other. It’s predicted that it won’t be until 2020 that we see a foldable iPhone, but whenever it does appear, it’s going to make a huge impact on the public’s perception of foldable phones.

Whatever happens in this newly born part of the smartphone market, we’ll keep you up with all the foldable phone news here.