Samsung Galaxy S6 User Guide

Take a Screenshot

You can send text messages and emails all day long, but when you want to show someone what you're seeing on your phone, you need a picture. Fortunately, capturing a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge is as simple as hitting a pair of buttons in tandem, or just swiping across your screen. —Avram Piltch

Swipe for Screenshots on the Galaxy S6

If you don't mind using your whole hand, you can swipe from the right side to left to capture a shot. You should be slow and deliberate in your gesture, however.

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Two-Button Screenshots on the Galaxy S6

You can also use two buttons in tandem, which you may find faster and more accurate. But your fingers will need to press simultaneously.

1. Place one finger on the power button, which is located on the right side. Don't press it yet.

2. Cover the home button with another finger.

3. Hit both buttons simultaneously. If you hit one or the other first, you'll end up going to home or putting the phone to sleep, rather than taking a screenshot.

After you have taken a screenshot, you can find it a number of ways:

  • As a notification: Your most recent screen shot appears as an alert in your notification drawer. You delete, edit, view or share it from there.
  • In the gallery.
  • In the /DCIM/Screenshots folder on the phone's storage.

If you have automatic photo backup turned on in Facebook, Dropbox or any other application, your screenshots will get uploaded just like pictures you snap with your camera. If you have Dropbox on your PC and phone, the images will be available on your computer just a few seconds after you snap them on the Galaxy S6.

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