Samsung Galaxy S6 User Guide

Best Cases for the Galaxy S6

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 flagship is one sexy beast. It features a sleek metal frame and Gorilla Glass on that front and back. All that shiny goodness deserves the best protection you can offer. So before you take your new Android phone out on the town, wrap it in one of these great-looking cases. —Anna Attkisson

M-Edge Glimpse Lace

You didn't buy the sleek-looking Galaxy S6 to cover it up with a bulky case. You want to show off that metal and glass exterior while also giving it some protection. Enter the M-Edge Glimpse. The flower pattern protects against scratches and light shocks while still letting that color-changing backside peek through. 

M-Edge Glimpse Case for Samsung Galaxy S6 in Black Lace

Speck CandyShell + Faceplate

The CandyShell case on its own offers a slim case with military-grade protection against drops. When you add the Faceplate, you get similar protection for the Galaxy S6's 5.1-inch display. You can choose from black, white or pink.

Speck Products CandyShell + FACEPLATE Case for Samsung Galaxy S6

Speck MightyShell

The MightyShell from Speck comes in five fun color combinations, including black and gray, pink and gray, orange and blue, lilac and purple, and clear and gray. It also features five layers of protection that should withstand drops and falls from double the height of most tables. The company is so confident in its sleek yet powerful case, it offers a lifetime warranty.

Speck Products MightyShell + FACEPLATE Case for Samsung Galaxy S6

Incipio Stowaway

For a night on the town, you may not want to lug around your full wallet. The Stowaway makes it easy to just grab your ID and a couple credit cards. Available in black, gray, pink and white, this case is made of a soft-touch plastic shell with a shock-absorbent core for safeguarding against bumps.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Case, Incipio [Credit Card] STOWAWAY Case for Samsung Galaxy

Incipio Corbin

Carrying a wallet is so 2013. The Incipio Corbin doubles as a Galaxy S6 case and a wallet. It comes in black or pink and is made of leatherlike plastic. The front cover features a handy magnetic closure with a couple of slots for ID, cards or cash.

Incipio Corbin for Samsung Galaxy S6

Belkin Grip Candy SE

Protecting against bumps and bruises doesn't have to mean a bulky smartphone case, as the Belkin Grip Candy SE proves. This Galaxy S6 case offers textured edges that help you keep your grip and a simple protective shell. You'll also maintain full access to all your ports and buttons.

Belkin Air Protect Grip Candy SE Case for Samsung Galaxy S5

iLuv Armband 

Because your music keeps your feet moving when you're running, you need your phone with you. And with the iLuv Armband, your Galaxy S6 will be safely strapped on. The frame is lined with reflective material so motorists will be able to spot you. There's even a convenient key pocket so you'll have all the essentials on your bicep.

iLuv Jstyle Runway

For style mavens, the feel and smell of premium leather is essential in any wallet. The Jstyle Runway goes one step further and doubles as a Galaxy S6 case. Inside you'll find eight credit card slots and a clear ID window. You can snap those two flaps to secure your personal data while still having access to the phone.

iLuv Jstyle Runway Wallet Case For GALAXY S6

Tech21 Evo Check

Featuring the company's proprietary impact protection, the Evo absorbs and dissipates force from drops. Plus it's ultra thin and lightweight. This smoky-gray case guards your corners while maintaining access to all ports and buttons.

Tech21 - Evo Check Case for Samsung Galaxy S6
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