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Galaxy Fold Teardown Reveals Just How Tough It Is to Repair

Now that reports have surfaced that suggest Samsung's Galaxy Fold is prone to breaking, someone in China has taken it all apart to show how difficult it may be to actually fix it.

Credit: Weibo

(Image credit: Weibo)

In a post on Weibo, a person who refused to be identified, published several images showing how tough it will be to disassemble the Galaxy Fold. Those images show a slew of components and attachments, and according to the person who disassembled the Galaxy Fold, getting even one thing wrong could render the device inoperable.

According to SamMobile, which earlier reported on the Galaxy Fold repair, the person said that the hinge that allows you to unfold the Galaxy Fold has five components that allow it to work. If only one of those components is damaged, the device breaks and can't be saved. The person said that when they tried to put the hinge on the device, it needed to be perfectly placed. If it wasn't, the mechanism would break the screen.

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Those and other challenges mean you should only trust Samsung with this device. There are plenty of third-party companies that promise to fix your broken phone, but the Galaxy Fold is a different kind of device with a unique set of features on the inside. Only those who have real knowledge of the handset and the tools required to fix it should be counted on to address problems.

The person's findings are all the more important in light of early reviewers complaining that the Galaxy Fold's screen is having issues. Some reviewers say that the device's screen will flicker on and off while others accidentally removed a protective film that's designed to safeguard the main display. That should not be peeled off.

Samsung has said that it will personally evaluate the handsets for problems, but exactly what's wrong and how to fix the problem is unknown.

In other words, if you're planning to plunk down $1,980 on a new Galaxy Fold, get ready to be really, really careful with it.