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$1.92 Million to RIAA P2P Verdict Challenged

Last month we found out about the new verdict handed to Jammie Thomas-Rasset, who was tangled up with the RIAA for file sharing with Kazaa.

A federal jury found Jammie Thomas-Rasset guilty for willful infringement of 24 copyrights held by four major record labels, ultimately awarding the RIAA with $1.92 million over the 24 songs infringed upon, working out to be $80,000 per song. This was the outcome of the retrial of the original decision to award the RIAA with $9,250 per song.

Ars Technica reports that Thomas-Rasset is now asking the federal judge to either reduce the reward to $18,000 or to grant another new trial. The motion filed by Thomas-Rasset's legal team read, "The verdict in this case was shocking. For 24 songs, available for $1.29 on iTunes, the jury assessed statutory damages of $80,000 per song—a ratio of 1:62,015. For 24 albums, available for no more than $15 at the store, the jury assessed statutory damages of $80,000 per album—a ratio of 1:5,333. For a single mother's noncommercial use of KaZaA, and upon neither finding nor evidence of actual injury to the plaintiffs, the judgment fines Jammie Thomas $1.92 million. Such a judgment is grossly excessive and, therefore, subject to remittitur as a matter of federal common law."

Clearly this isn't the last that we'll hear from this long-running saga. We'll keep you posted.