Razer's Nabu Smartband Races to Be First with WeChat

WeChat is China's most popular messaging service, with a user base larger than the entire population of the United States. Now, Razer is hoping to score big by producing the first smartband to incorporate the 400 million user platform, emojis and all.

This fall could see a wearables war as Apple and Microsoft are each expected to release wrist-mounted devices. Razer is also targeting a Q4 release for the Nabu smartband, and is hoping the sub-$100 price tag and WeChat integration will give its device an edge in the global market.

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In a press release, Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan said WeChat makes an attractive partner not only because of its large network, but also because of its many features. WeChat provides easy-to-use voice chat, photo and location sharing, machine translation, Bluetooth contact sharing and more.

These features will expand on the Nabu's ability to display all the notifications from an iOS or Android device, track fitness data and share information with a handshake or high-five. The Nabu's proprietary Pulse technology will detect other nearby Nabu users or friends from Facebook and WeChat. 

The Razer Nabu is currently in beta testing across a small number of volunteers, but developers can still apply to its Developer Program for a chance at a preview unit.

While Razer is known for its gaming hardware,  the company is hoping to branch out and reach anyone that's looking for a wearable. This fall, we'll see how the Nabu matches up to competitors from the likes of Samsung, LG, Motorola, Apple and Microsoft.

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