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PS3 Slim More Power Efficient Than Advertised

During the PS3 Slim's reveal, Sony boasted that the new hardware with its 45-nm Cell Broadband Engine CPU used 34 percent less power than the outgoing hardware.

CNet Crave did its own testing and found that the 34 percent claim is hugely conservative. Against an original launch 60 GB PlayStation 3, the new PS3 Slim uses 70 percent less power while in standby mode. While playing a game or movie, the new PS3 Slim uses less than half as much power.

Of course, the original launch unit featured chips built on the 90-nm process, along with the need to power both the Emotion Engine and Graphics Synthesizer for the hardware backwards compatibility and the flash card readers.

What's missing from the test is to see how the new PS3 Slim compares to the 65-nm version of the PlayStation 3, which could reveal where Sony got its 34 percent figure.

As much improved the PS3 Slim is in terms of power usage, it still pales in comparison to standalone Blu-ray Disc players, which use nearly a quarter of the power as the newer console.