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Prisoners Hacking PS3 to Charge Their Phones

The PlayStation console can do many things. Sony even bills its PS3 as a computer more than just a games console, given that it used to be able to officially run Linux.

Now prisoners in the UK have found that they make handy cell phone chargers too out of PlayStation 3s, thanks to the USB ports. Prisoners have been stealing USB computer mice from classrooms to take back with them to their cells so that they can charge their illegal cell phones from the powered USB connections.

The prisoners were able to use the USB connector from the mouse and then splice the cord in ways to provide power to their mobiles. The prison discovered this when they found mice plugged into the consoles inside their cells.

It's an interesting story, indeed, but I'm more taken by the fact that the inmates got to have flat-screen TVs in their cells as well as PlayStations. They can even order their meals from computer terminals. And they say crime doesn't pay...

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