Again? Two More Problems Frustrate Pixel 2 XL Owners

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It had been a couple weeks since we last heard about issues with Google’s flagship phones, leading to wishful thinking that the worst of the Pixel 2 duo’s dilemmas were finally behind them. But with reports emerging this week of two new problems — one of which affecting both the Pixel 2 and 2 XL — it seems Google's phones aren't out of the woods yet.

Photo credit: Shaun Lucas/Tom's GuidePhoto credit: Shaun Lucas/Tom's GuideBoth the 5-inch Pixel 2 and 6-inch Pixel 2 XL are reportedly having trouble with the USB Type-C to 3.5-millimeter headphone jack adapter included with the handsets. According to multiple complaints over at Google’s Product Forums, the phones fail to recognize the adapter or any pair of headphones connected to it, and simply continue to play media through the built-in speakers.

Audio issues are nothing new for either Pixel 2. There was that odd “clicking” sound many owners reported when using the speaker for calls on both models. But this latest dilemma is quite a different beast, and could just as likely be caused by defective accessories, rather than any specific fault of the phones themselves.

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Initial reports of the phenomenon actually date back to the Pixel 2’s launch, and evidently haven’t been helped by the recently-released Android 8.1 update. Some commenters have theorized the culprit is third-party apps that take control of audio playback and routing in Android.

A small number of users actually ventured into the Developer Options menu only to find that the “Disable USB audio routing” option was mysteriously flipped on, and when they turned it off, the adapter worked as promised. Others have only found relief by rebooting their phones, which seems to alleviate the issue, but only for a short time.

Sadly, for Pixel 2 XL owners, the problems haven’t ended there. This week, yet another headache surfaced, related to the 8.1 update and the larger handset’s fingerprint sensor.

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Some users have reported a noticeable lag in the scanner’s responsiveness since the OS update, so that it now takes longer for Pixel 2 XL owners to reach the home screen. It seems the delay is about a second long on average, but even a second-long delay can feel like ages when you’re frequently unlocking your phone. Oddly, these same users have reported that the lag isn’t present if the sensor is used while the device is already awake.

According to a Google representative, the entire Pixel production team is aware of the faulty fingerprint experience and working on a fix. In the interim, a handful of Reddit commenters have suggested turning on the Always On Display feature mitigates the lag. You access the feature by going into Settings and selecting Display > Advanced > Ambient Display > Always On.

Google’s flagships have been on the market for exactly two months as of this writing, and the troubles related to the two handsets just aren’t slowing down. We’ll keep you posted as a solution develops, along with whatever other issues may arise next for the Pixel 2 pair.