25 Free and Useful Windows Desktop Gadgets

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  • mcd023
    I really like Rainmeter, but the Clipboard manager looks promising.
  • ickarumba1
    The remote desktop gadget seems useful.
  • amk-aka-Phantom
    Huh, not so bad. Like the hardware monitoring gadgets; no real use but they look cool :)
  • CaedenV
    The only one I have ever found useful is the weather app built into Windows. I also love sticky notes, it is the best gadget that isn't really a gadget
  • Anonymous
    I've been using the CPU/RAM meter, network meter for quite some time now. They go along with the RSS new feed, weather and dark calendar nicely.
  • Anonymous
    I am not able to download any desktop gadgets. But why ?
  • Anonymous
    @Md uzzal hosen Microsoft stopped the gadget Gallery a couple of months ago. They want to get gadget developers to start developing Windows 8 'Metro apps'.

    A gadget which I like a lot is CalendarMark. It is a calendar/agenda gadget which also works with Google Calendar. You can still get it on their website (http://calendarmark.com).
  • warezme
    I used to use gadgets but found them more annoying than useful. They must have the worst development incentive because I have gone to the MS gadgets download web and it's always the same old tired gadgets and like 20 different calendar gadgets or 50 different CPU meters, nothing really interesting.
  • sliem
    Useful to me: Clipboard manager, clock, remote desktop, cpu meter
    Probably useful to me: network meter, drive meter, drive activity
  • burnley14
    Man Rico, your poor computer. 427/465GB full and no restarts for 58 days?
  • ITsonic
    I one gadget that’s really useful System Control 1.2 the lower left hand corner of the gadget there is a PC icon which is named timer, when you click that pulls out a menu which allows you to set when you can Shut Down, Restart, Lock, and Sleep / Hibernate, Switch User, Log Off, Task Manager, Run Window, Control Panel and Command Prompt. Also you will be able to set the hour, minute(s) and second(s) when you are going to Execute the command.

    System Control 1.2
  • Anonymous
    Probably useful to me: network meter, drive meter, drive activity
  • Anonymous
    If you like gadgets like the Magic Folder, take a look at Windows 7's Pinned items.
    Just add Explorer to your quicklaunch, drop any of your favourite folders on the icon and presto! you have instant bookmarked folders. :)
  • dreadlokz
    Using the earthquake one... put it to 5+ with 1m update, better safe them dead? ;p
  • Anonymous
    look so great
  • zeevw
    rainmeter is best
  • zeevw
    When you are pasting exactly the same pieces of text again and again again, Clipboard Manager could save you considerable time. All of your replicated text is organized like a small list, and choosing what should appear whenever you press Control V or choose Paste inside your text editor’s menu is as simple as hitting a block of text
  • xcaninox
    all gadgets are crap, except the one that shows the earthquakes.

    damn, why did i even bother to believe the word USEFUL on the title
  • shin0bi272
    Nice spyware with the calculator app. Also I thought I remembered seeing this article... slow tech news day guys?
  • guardianangel42
    Vista Shutdown Control: Single most useful gadget on Windows 8.