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Can the Nokia 6 Hang with Other Cheap Android Phones?

The Nokia brand made a big splash back at Mobile World Congress earlier this year when HMD Global announced a whole new range of Android phones along with the return of the legendary Nokia 3310. And while HMD Global (which licenses the Nokia brand name for its phones) had said from the outset that it would definitely bring its phones to the U.S., the company never provided a concrete schedule for when that would happen. That's now changed.

The Nokia 6 from HMD's launch event at Mobile World Congress 2017.

The Nokia 6 from HMD's launch event at Mobile World Congress 2017.

The Nokia 6, the highest-spec midrange phone announced by HMD, makes its U.S. debut in early July. The phone will cost $229 and be available through Amazon.

As you might guess from that price tag, the Nokia 6's specs aren't exactly high-end, though they do seem pretty solid for a sub-$300 phone. The 5.5-inch phone features a full HD display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, 8-megapixel selfie cam and a 16-MP rear camera.

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Available initially in black or silver (with blue and copper versions coming later this summer), the Nokia 6 could be a really nice entry into the mid-range/budget market and it should match up well against similarly priced phones like the Moto G5 Plus and the ZTE Blade V8 Pro.

Not to be confused with Nokia itself, which recently absorbed the health and fitness tech company Withings, the Nokia phone brand is run by HMD Global. Even though that company is just renting the Nokia brand name, HMD made a concerted effort during MWC to outline its plans to live up to Nokia’s legacy of exceedingly durable products. HMD even worked with a number of Nordic designers to help channel Nokia's iconic look, which definitely comes through in the 6's simple-but-boxy aesthetic.

The biggest downside to the 6 looks like it will be spotty carrier support. Out of the four largest U.S. carriers, only T-Mobile customers will get full network compatibility. Those on AT&T will get partial 4GLTE data usage, while Sprint and Verizon won’t be supported at all.

There’s still no word about HMD bringing over the even more affordable Nokia 5 or Nokia 3, or any updates on the HMD’s rumored flagship, the Nokia 9. But if you’ve been pining for a taste of that classic Finnish design, the Nokia 6 should be able satisfy your desires real soon.

Image credit: Sam Rutherford/Tom's Guide