YouTube Comes to Switch: How to Get It Now

If you've been looking for more entertainment content on Nintendo Switch, it's here.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Following a rumor originating on the forums at ResetEra this past weekend, the YouTube app finally launched on the Switch today (Nov. 8). To download the app now, open the Nintendo eShop on the Switch, select Search, type YouTube, hit + to search, select YouTube (which you'll notice is free) and select Free Download.

The rumor originated when forum posters claimed to see YouTube app suggestions when they search Nintendo's website for new games, leading many of them to believe that the long-awaited YouTube app for the Nintendo Switch is finally getting closer.

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That said, the forum posters, whose findings were earlier reported on by Polygon, found no product page or other evidence that a Nintendo Switch YouTube app is launching.

Nintendo's Switch is notorious for its scant streaming offerings. When the device launched in 2017, there were no streaming apps or other ways to watch content. Nintendo finally brought Hulu streaming to the Switch in November of last year and has hinted that more options are incoming, but at least so far, none of that has come to fruition.

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Bringing YouTube to the Switch provides another place for gamers to find content they can stream over both at home and on the go. Annoyingly, though the app doesn't include YouTube's live TV service, which would also allow you to watch live broadcast TV and cable on the device.

Not surprisingly, neither Nintendo nor YouTube confirmed plans for an app on the service and the findings from forum users might only be testing for a future rollout. Exactly when the YouTube app might launch is unknown, but forum users suggest it could happen soon and perhaps as early as this week.

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