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Nest Protect is Back at a Cheaper $99

Nest Labs' Nest Protect provides an advanced means of smoke detection, but the device spent two months off the market due to hardware issues. Fortunately, the Nest Protect is back, this time with a more affordable $99 price tag that might convince consumers to hop on the smart home bandwagon.

The Nest Protect, originally priced at $129, was pulled from Nest's website in April due to gesture recognition details. One of the device's big benefits is the ability to turn the smoke alarm off by waving at it, but customers were reporting that various other unintentional gestures were turning the alarm off. Since this could lead to undetected fires, Nest stopped selling the device to address the defect.

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The Nest now ships without the wave feature, meaning your only means of turning the alarm off is tapping the round button at its center. For the roughly 440,000 existing Nest owners, the gesture function has been turned off via a software update. 

Launching late last year, the Nest Protect can sense smoke, carbon monoxide, heat, light and motion. The device sports a ring of light in the center to inform users of the danger levels in their homes, and can automatically send owners a text message when the alarm goes off or when the batteries are going low.

While the loss of a wave feature is a small inconvenience for the smart home sensor, the added peace of mind and $99 price tag make up for it.

Source: Associated Press

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