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It's the NES Butt Controller

Video games have been blamed for a lot of society's ills, from violent crime to early-onset diabetes. You can't blame the old folks for thinking that way either. They've seen us spending countless hours motionless before a flickering screen, blasting away baddie after baddie in gloriously bloody chunks. Who's to say the video game addict will not turn out to be a homicidal fattie?

With the Supreme Court busy determining if violent games are to be censored, one clever hobbyist decided to tackle the second problem of gamer obesity. He's created the Super-Chair, a game controller for the NES that works out more than your thumbs.

This crazy controller is utilized by rocking the chair, which simulates the 8 basic directions on your typical NES Gamepad. The face buttons are mapped onto the two stabilizing struts. It gives a weird, fighter-pilot kind of experience; creator and eBay seller funkmutha74 suggests that it works best on classic flight and driving games.

So, if you're willing to exert more effort on your games than a few thumb presses and gulping down Mountain Dew, head over to eBay and make a bid for this one-of-a-kind 8-bit game controller.

[source: eBay via Technabob]