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See Steph Curry in 360 Degrees at the NBA Finals on Twitter

Like watching Golden State's Splash Brothers drain threes in the face of helpless defenders? Now you can do it in 360 degrees. The NBA has teamed with Samsung and Twitter to deliver exclusive 360-degree content via the Gear 360 camera that will appear on Twitter for the NBA Finals games. This marks the first time that the social network will be using 360-degree content.


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The NBA, Samsung and Twitter are all working to deliver the content from each of the upcoming games in the best-of-seven series as well as pre-game warm-ups, the action in the tunnels before the teams take the court and of course, post-game celebrations. Twitter users can watch LeBron James dominate the court by way of a Twitter website card. It's a cool way to watch the action unfold sans television.

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However, since the company's Amplify service deals in serving up highlight videos, I'm curious about how much of the game fans will actually get to view in 360 degrees. I'm also concerned with the Gear 360's camera quality. If the pictures are of poor quality, viewers will be stuck watching grainy images of the Cavs and Warriors running up and down the court. That's no way to watch Kyrie Irving get those buckets.

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"We've been long time video partners with both the NBA and Samsung, but this specific partnership is really interesting since it's the first time we are utilizing a 360-degree camera to give fans an incredibly intimate look at the action of the NBA Finals," said Mike Park, director of content partnership and Twitter Amplify, in a statement announcing the NBA Finals promotion.

All of the content will be tweeted from the NBA and the Samsung Mobile accounts. Although it's in 360-degrees, this will be a great preview of how the Twitter plans to stream NFL games this season. For better or worse, Twitter, Samsung and the NBA are ushering in the future of watching sports. Let's just hope the experience is as cool as Steph Curry burying a effortless three-pointer.