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The Leaked Moto X Looks Pretty Darn Cool

Motorola's flagship smartphone could be in for a sexy new redesign. Based on the latest rumors, the upcoming Moto X (2016) could be made of metal and feature a fingerprint sensor, as well as a large rear camera. 

Regular Moto leaks source HelloMotoHK posted a set of pictures to its Google+ account that seem to show mockups for the upcoming Moto X. The images depict a large round camera sensor and a funky, colorful striped pattern on the purported Moto's rear. Up front is a rounded-rectangle capacitive home button that reportedly houses a fingerprint scanner.

Update: According to a report from Venturebeat, the next Moto X could be joining the modular smartphone trend like LG's G5. But instead of having modules that slide out of the bottom of the phone, the Moto X would feature modular backplates called "Amps", six of which will be available at launch. Venturebeat says the modules could range from stereo speakers to a camera grip with flash and an optical zoom, to a pico projector or just a simple battery pack.

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Unfortunately, it looks like the rear camera will protrude quite a bit from the phone, which I find unsightly. However, some other potential design changes are welcome.

An earlier report from noted leakster Evan Blass also indicated that the 2016 Moto X could be made of metal, which would be a first for a Moto flagship. Also noteworthy is what looks like a speaker grille on the back of the phone, above the Droid logo. Some commenters have debated that this could be a sort of connecting port instead of a speaker.

It's not clear how a metal body will affect Moto's well-received customization feature, which lets shoppers pick patterns and colors for their phone's rear shell and accents while buying it. However, judging from the pictures HelloMotoHK posted, it appears there are plenty of personalization options to expect.

The Moto X 2016's key specs are still a mystery, although it has been speculated that the flagship will be armed with a Snapdragon 820 CPU with 3GB or 4GB of RAM. This would put the Moto in the same league as the latest Samsung, LG and HTC flagships.

Blass also noted on his Twitter account that there will be a new Maxx 3 and Turbo 3 this year, in addition to a possible Moto G4 (or G4 Plus). Are you stoked to see what Moto has in store? Sound off in our forums!