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Moov Now Wants to Be Your Wearable Personal Trainer

Moov is moving up. Known for its coaching-based fitness tracker, the company has revealed its next generation product: Moov Now. Featuring a new design, better guts and battery life and an all-new app, Moov Now wants you get serious about personal training when it launches this fall for $99.

The concept of Moov hasn't changed -- rather than passively tracking your steps, it trains you to get better at exercises including running, cycling and swimming. The Moov Now is smaller than the original, and it trades in the ring of light around its circumference for a small dot of light on the top. Inside, its multi-sensor, which includes an accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer, has been improved to be more accurate. The wearable now runs on a coin cell battery, which is designed to last up to 6 months without needing to be charged.

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The wristband has also received as redesign, now featuring small, differently sized perforations all over the band. While the design resembles Misfit's minimalist trackers, Moov's co-founder Meng Li told me the band's new look was inspired mainly by customer feedback. The circles provide ventilation, allowing air and sweat to escape and not get caught under the band. Also, its made out of a softer, more flexible silicone for extra comfort.

The new Moov app shows even bigger improvements. Gone are individual apps for different sports -- you can now track all the available activities within one app. There will also be over 200 different levels of each exercise to choose from depending on your fitness expertise, making training more accessible for both beginners and experienced athletes. In addition to running, cycling, cardio boxing and swimming, Li told me that spinning and tabata (similar to high intensity interval training) routines will be added after the new app launches.

Moov Now is shaping up to be a well-thought upgrade to the original product, with a design that's lighter and easier to wear. It's also more fashionable -- available in black, white, red and blue, all with black wristbands. Moov Now and its accompanying app will both arrive this fall. For a limited time, you can preorder Moov Now for $59 before it hits retail for $99. Stay tuned for our full review.

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