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Mercedes-Benz's New Magic Sunroof

Sunroofs are a nice add-on to any luxury car, bringing in light and atmosphere to an otherwise dreary drive. However, any time you go open air, there's always a chance of rain to ruin your nice leather upholstery. You could just shut the roof, but hey, you drive a Mercedes, so why settle for that?

Mercedes-Benz really understands their target demographic, as the latest upgrade to the upcoming 2012 SLK will give would-be owners the satisfaction of sunlight without the hassle of cranking open a roof window. Dubbed the Magic Sky Control roof, it turns transparent or opaque at the push of a button.

Despite the magic part of the name, no ancient sorcery was involved the Magic Sky Control's creation; instead we're looking at the latest in technological glassware. When stimulated by an electrical charge, the particles in the glass rearrange themselves to let light through; turning off the charge sends the particles off their random merry way, restoring opacity. Mercedes-Benz claims that the glass will even block UV and infrared light in opaque mode, providing a cooler car interior during heatwaves. 

Things are definitely looking, er, up, for expectant fans of this upcoming car.

[source: eMercedes-Benz]