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Kim Dotcom Teaches How to Stop Piracy in 5 Steps

Yet Dotcom recently posted a widely retweeted note on Twitter that reflects some of the common sense of digital content distribution. His thoughts how to stop piracy are:

"1 Create great stuff 2 Make it easy to buy 3 Same day worldwide release 4 Fair price 5 Works on any device"

1, 2, 3, and 5 are the obvious requirements even if content holders may disagree on the specifics, may not want 3, and cannot provide an economical solution for 5. "Fair price" is the problem area as we have very different perception of what a fair price should be, especially in an Internet environment that is just slowly emerging from a self-service-model that initially taught us that any type of digital content can be obtained free of charge.

Dotcom's new Mega sharehosting service is scheduled to launch on January 20, New Zealand Mean Time. In his words, there are now "9 more days until the US government fails and Innovation wins."


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