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Mad Catz Debuts Most Modular Mouse Ever

LAS VEGAS – Why spend time getting used to a gaming mouse when you can make the mouse conform to you, instead? Peripheral manufacturer Mad Catz asked this question and came up with the R.A.T. Pro X mouse in response. This high-level gaming mouse may look like something from a dystopian future, but no matter how picky you are, you can probably make it into something that feels ideal for your play style.

I had a chance to check out the R.A.T. Pro X at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015, and while the device looks positively bizarre, it's one of the most customizable and detailed gaming mice I've ever seen. Users can swap out almost every part of the mouse, from its feet, to its scroll wheel, to its thumb and pinky rests.

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Perhaps the R.A.T. Pro X's biggest innovation is the fact that it lets users choose their own sensor. Debates rage on gaming forums about laser mice versus optical mice, and which company produces the best sensor. The R.A.T. Pro X will launch with three sensors (users pick one by default), including two laser and one optical. If they find their choice is not to their satisfaction, they can simply pick up another one and swap it out.

Mad Catz was also quick to highlight the R.A.T. Pro X's asymmetric scroll wheel with its own optical sensor. Not only can the analog stick tilt right and left, like that in other high-end mice, but it's actually sensitive and mobile enough to use for precise controls. First-person shooter players, for example, could use the wheel to peek around corners without worrying about switching weapons or zooming in and out.

While the R.A.T. Pro X is admittedly not pretty (and the garish yellow palette does not help matters), it looks incredibly user-friendly and almost sure to please PC gamers, particularly those on a tournament level. Mad Catz has not yet announced a price, but expect the gadget later in 2015.

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