Apple Teams Up with Logitech on Powered Wireless Charger

Apple's AirPower wireless charger is still nowhere in sight. But now the company has collaborated with Logitech on a different wireless charger for its devices.

Logitech on Tuesday (Aug. 7) announced a new wireless charger for Apple devices called the Powered Wireless Charging Stand. It's designed for the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X, and allows you to charge your handsets in either portrait or landscape arrangement.

Logitech, which designed the device in collaboration with Apple, says that the accessory is designed to both charge your device and allow you to keep working on it at the same time. The device costs $79.99, and it's currently available for pre-order on the company's site.

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On the design side, the Powered is about as simple as they come. It comes with a white finish and cradle to keep your iPhone snugly inside. Simply plug it in and place it wherever you want. From there, you can sit your iPhone onto the cradle and wirelessly charge your device with ease. And since it comes with 7.5W of power, you should get a fast charge.

Interestingly, the charger is optimized for Face ID. Logitech said that the Powered is designed to sit at a 65-degree angle, which the company says, is the "optimal angle" for Face ID. So, rather than being forced to pick up the phone to access your data, you can leave it in the cradle and open it with Face ID.

The product page for the Powered clearly indicates that it's designed for iPhones. However, in a note at the bottom of the page, Logitech says that the gadget will also work with any other Qi-certified smartphone you can fit into the accessory. But Android phones will only be able to take advantage of 5W charging instead of the 7.5W you'd get with the iPhone.

Meanwhile, Apple didn't make any mention of AirPower as part of this collaboration announcement. Unlike the Powered, AirPower can charge multiple Apple devices at the same time.

Photo credits: Logitech

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