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Entire Furniture Collection Weighs 16.5 Lbs

Anybody can attest to the horrors of moving out and carrying load after load of furniture to and around their new homes. Now imagine stuffing all of the furniture on one room into a truck and weighing it all only to find that they are an astonishingly light 16.5 pounds, or 7.5kgs.

Created by Amsterdam's Studio Geneen, this conceptual collection of furniture is truly lightweight. Featuring airy modern designs, this collection is designed to "reduce energy consumption during production and transport and of course, minimizes the materials used in these products." The 'Light Room' collection includes two chairs, a coffee table, stool and shelving unit.

Studio Geneen was able to achieve such lightweight furniture by using high-tech textiles such as Dyneema (gel-spun fiber), 3D printing and innovative construction techniques. For more information, specs and photos, head on over to the Core77 article here.