LG V30 Rumors: What to Expect From LG's Next Flagship

Over the last few years, LG has released new V smartphones as part of its broader effort to expand its flagship handset line, typically with an emphasis on video and audio quality, as well as innovative features like dual displays. That's exactly what the V20 offered.

Credit: Android Authority

(Image credit: Android Authority)

Later this month, the company will releasing a new version, the LG V30. We already know that the phone will make its debut in Berlin, just before the IFA trade show kicks off, with an LG-hosted press event on August 31.

But what else do we know about the V30? Here's a look at some of the features LG has already revealed, along with rumors swirling about the 6-inch phone.

Latest News & Rumors (Updated August 10)

• LG says the V30 will feature dual rear cameras, and one of the lenses will offer an f/1.6 aperture — the widest aperture ever for a smartphone.


LG's already given us an idea of what to expect here. The company has announced that the V30 will feature an OLED panel, making it the first LG phone since 2015's Flex 2 to use an OLED screen.

This won't be just any OLED screen either. LG says it will feature a P-OLED panel or plastic OLED, allowing the edges of the screen to be curved.

What's more, LG is promising a FullVision display with 2880 x 1440-pixel resolution. Look for the V30 to deliver 148 percent of the sRGB color space and 109 percent of the more demanding DCI-P3 color space. The phone will follow the lead of LG TVs by supporting HDR10 for sharp contrast.

Credit: Evan Blass/@EvLeaks

(Image credit: Evan Blass/@EvLeaks)

Previous V phones have come with two screens, with the second display serving as a place to access recent apps or common smartphone controls. But it's unclear if the V30 will stick to that approach.

A report from XDA Developers in June said that LG is actually planning to remove the secondary display and instead offer a bigger screen that will nearly entirely cover its face, similar to the Galaxy S8 or LG's own G6

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Secondscreen or no, LG says the display on the V30 will be 6 inches, so look for it to adapt the G6's extra-wide 18:9 aspect ratio.


We haven’t heard much about the V30’s design, but some renders have been making their way around the web.

First up, we have the concept photo Android Authority obtained. While the site was quick to note that its sources didn’t believe it was the final design, the handset in the concept showed a device with rounded corners and two screens. In the center of the second screen sits a front-facing camera.

Credit: Evan Blass/@EvLeaks

(Image credit: Evan Blass/@EvLeaks)

Like the Galaxy S8 and other high-end handsets today, this V30 renders also appears to ditch the physical home button for a screen that nearly covers its face.

Serial leaker Evan Blass has shared some other images of what he says is the LG V30. And those images suggest the device, which is codenamed Project Joan, according to Blass, could have a secondary screen that slides out.

While Blass acknowledged that it might not be the final design, it showed a concept of the second screen extending out from the bottom, giving you more access to apps and features.


Here's another area where LG gave us a peek behind the curtain. The company says the V30 will have a dual-camera setup — that's a holdover from the V20. This time, though, a lens on the V30 will offer an f/1.6 aperture, an improvement over the f/1.8 aperture on the V20's standard 16-megapixel lens.

A wider aperture lets in more light, and LG says the f/1.6 lens on the V30 should let in 25 percent more light than the V20's lens. That means sharper pictures with less blur even in low-light situations, especially when coupled with the glass Crystal Clear lens that LG is adding to the V30.

LG says it will minimize edge distortion on the V30's wide-angle shots compared to the V20. Other features in the new phone include laser detection autofocus, optical image stabilization and electronic image stabilization.

For all those changes to the camera lenses on the V30, Android Authority reports that the new phone will focus on video.


LG has done a good job of keeping most of its V30 plans under wraps. But there have been some leaks to suggest the LG V30 could come with higher-end specs.

Specifically, XDA Developers reported in June that LG is planning to bundle the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor in the handset. It might also come with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. It’ll also have a microSD card slot, according to that source.

It’s also expected that the smartphone’s screen will have an 18:9 aspect ratio, similar to the LG G6. And since it should be available in early September, look for the LG V30 to run Android Nougat rather than Android O.

Credit: Android Authority

(Image credit: Android Authority)

Google separately suggested earlier this year that the LG V30, which it did not mention by name, could also come with Daydream support. Google specifically said that LG’s next flagship will support the virtual reality feature.

Beyond that, our best guess on other features comes from OnLeaks, which has said that the smartphone will come with wireless charging support, a dual camera array, and have a 3,200mAh battery that cannot be removed. Also look for IP68 certification for water- and dust-resistance.

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Audio Boost

The LG V line of handsets has long been known for its high-quality audio. And according to a report from Android Authority, the LG V30 could similarly deliver solid sound.

LG is rumored to be planning ESS Quad DAC support for the V30. Quad DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) is designed to take digital tracks and convert them to analog. The Quad component means there will be four DACs, all working towards eliminating noise in the sound to deliver better audio.

If it all works well, the LG V30 should be among the best-sounding smartphones on the market.

Release Date

We know that LG will be holding a launch event on Aug. 31, suggesting it could make an appearance on store shelves soon after. However, Android Authority reports a Sept. 28 ship date for the V30, which not only means the phone wouldn't arrive for a month but also after Samsung and Apple have the chance to unveil their Note 8 and iPhone 8 devices, too.

There’s currently no word on which carriers the LG V30 should work on, but since it’s a flagship handset, look for an unlocked version you can put on the carrier of your choosing.


Given the specs, the LG V30 won’t be cheap. We don’t have a definitive source to tell us exactly what the smartphone will cost, but most industry watchers peg its price at or around $750.

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