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Lexar to Release XQD Memory Cards

Nikon's professional D4 DSLR camera is currently the only product supporting XQD.

Leveraging the PCIe interface, XQD cards provide a bandwidth of up to 2.5 Gbps and a proposed future increase to 5 Gbps. XQD cards are not backwards compatible with traditional CF cards.

So far, Sony has been the only company offering XQD cards, which are selling for about $130 for 16 GB capacities and for about $230 for 32 GB models. The slow adoption of the format has caused speculation on whether XQD would disappear soon. The entry of Lexar is a sign of hope that XQD is not dead.

In a statement, Lexar's Wes Brewer said that the company is "committed to offering innovative and industry-leading photography solutions, which is why [Lexar is] working with Nikon to offer and co-market XQD memory cards."

"We view the XQD standard as one of the most logical ways to increase interface speed beyond that of existing CompactFlash technology with the capability of offering performance up to 5Gb per second, in time," Brewer said.