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LaCie And Western Digital Bring You Stylish and Sturdy Storage On the Go

Extravagant Portable Storage By LaCie And WD

The sheer number of storage devices available today makes it obvious how profitable this market is. Even manufacturers that are in lines of business only remotely related to storage offer external storage products, and most retailers offer at least a handful of choices. Since the amount of data created by PC users every day will continue to increase, it is predicted that the demand for storage will continue growing as well. PC users will have to find space to store all that HD video, their multi-megapixel photos, and of course, their ever-increasing audio archive. And a huge internal hard drive alone isn't enough - the modern PC enthusiast is constantly on the go, and needs to bring that storage along for the ride.

In this review, we take a look at two products by LaCie and Western Digital. Both are external storage devices based on 2.5" notebook hard drives. LaCie's Mobile Hard Drive offers up to 100 GB of storage in a snazzy-looking Porsche design enclosure. The WD Passport only stores 40 GB, but is available in capacities of up to 80 GB; its distinguishing feature is a rugged and robust housing.