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Laser-Guided Slingshot Developed

We'd all love to get our hands on a laser death guns, but it's an impossibility given the immense power needed to make them weapons of mass disintegration. Until that time comes, we'll have to make do using them to light up nightclubs, and aim down the sights of regular firearms. But what about the rest of us who aren't licensed to carry guns? Well, you can try adding a laser to that classic boyhood ballista, the slingshot.

Created by modern-day Macgyver KipKay, the Laser Guided Slingshot is a massive overhaul of the forked-branch-and-rubber-band design we've come to know and love. It's machined out of aluminum, and sports a heavy duty band. Of course, what sets this slingshot apart is the 6mm red laser diode. It's small enough to fit inside the aluminum crossbar, and can is powered by a twin AA battery pack.

You can find more of KipKay's crazy kitbashes on his website, or follow him on twitter.

[source: via DVICE]