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The Electric Bike for Hell's Angels

When you think Hell's Angels, you think big, burly men with big, burly motorcycles. When you think electric bikes, you think zero-emission and kinda dorky. Apparently, artist Josh Hadar had a really trippy dream about both, mixing two things you thought were mutually exclusive.

This three-wheeled electric trike is only the latest in Hadar's menagerie of beautifully-crafted masterpieces. It shares similar lines with his previous chopper customs like Uncle Stew's trike and the Christy Lynn, from the long steering column to the sharp, moon-shaped down tube.

The electric part of this equation comes in the form of a Mars Electric motor. It's so powerful, Hadar had to add an Alltrax programmable controller to keep the whole thing from doing a wheelie of death. With a maximum output of 15 kilowatts, you can expect top speeds of 45 mph. The 12-volt batteries gives it a cruising range of 30 miles.

Sadly, this beauty lacks the whimsical names common to Hadar's creations. Might we suggest Ultra-Badass Rolling Black Doom?

[source: Josh Hadar via Wired]