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Man Hid iPod to Spy on Dance Studio Bathroom

When Apple added video recording capability to the iPod nano (but then quickly took it away in the generation right after it), it gave it a whole new purpose other than playing music (and watching tiny video).

Of course, the new iPod touch has video recording capability, so that's an option for those who want to secretly record what goes on in bathrooms.

So goes the story of 39-year-old Juan A. Reyes-Santiago of Poinciana, Florida, who was arrested last week after he was reported to have set up an iPod to record video inside the bathroom of a dance studio.

The iPod was discovered after the wife of the studio owner was in the bathroom had undressed. She saw the iPod hidden behind some flowers in a vase, pointed to record in the direction of the toilet. The studio owner then took the iPod and played back the recordings to find a video of Reyes setting up the camera in its hiding spot.

Authorities say that Reyes admitted to putting the camera there to try to catch the person who stole his son's drumsticks. The drumsticks were stolen with his son's backpack, but was later recovered inside the dance studio bathroom.

Reyes was released on a $500 bond.

Source: Click Orlando