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How to Use the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR

How to Use Lighting Effects with the iPhone XR and XS Camera

Just like the iPhone X, the iPhone XS and upcoming iPhone XR benefit from Apple’s Portrait Lighting effects, which make images look like they were shot in a professional photography studio.

But unlike the iPhone 8 Plus, which also sports Portrait Lighting, the newer iPhones offer the effects in both front-facing and rear-facing cameras. If you upgraded to the iPhone XS from the iPhone 7 Plus, you’re already familiar with how to access Portrait Mode, which is where the new lighting effects live.

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If Portrait Mode is brand new to you, here’s how to take your photos to the next level. —Caitlin McGarry

1. Open the Camera app.

2. The default selection is Photo. Swipe left on the display to select Portrait.

3. Portrait Lighting is already in effect. By default, you’ll shoot in Natural Light.

4. You can change the lighting modes by rotating the cube that highlights each option. You can choose from five: Natural, Studio, Contour, Stage Light and Stage Light Mono. The latter two are the most dramatic, because they black out everything but the subject of the photo. Studio Light Mono applies a black and white filter to make the image even more stark.

5. To switch from rear-facing Portrait Mode to apply Portrait Lighting to your selfies, just tap the camera rotate icon on the bottom right.