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Smaller iPads May Hit Stores This Holiday Season

New rumors have surfaced indicating that Apple may release smaller versions of the iPad this holiday season. While the sources remained unnamed, supposedly Taiwan-based component manufacturers are spilling the beans, revealing that 5.6-inch and 7-inch OLED versions might be in the works.

According to the sources, Apple recently placed the new iPad orders for Q4 2010 and Q1 2011 with the two fore-mentioned models and the 9.7-inch version included. The two smaller versions are slated to focus on the eBook reader market while the larger model will continue to adhere to the multimedia junkies.

Digitimes Research senior analyst Mingchi Kuo pointed out that the rumors should be "taken with a pinch of salt," as Samsung, the largest OLED maker, is currently unable to produce enough panels for its own products let alone outside companies like Apple. Kuo also said that Compal may not want Apple's orders, as margins are far too low.

So what gives? Why would Apple produce smaller version of the iPad when it already has the iPod Touch? One theory is that Apple wants to go up against Sony and Nintendo in the portable gaming market. There's also speculation that the so-called iPod Touch 4G could actually be the 5.6-inch iPad mini.

Guess we'll find out in September.

  • harlequin6791
    Um didn't we go through this already.. but in reverse?

    A smaller iPad is called an iPhone/iTouch.
    A lager iPhone/iTouch is called an iPad.

    Wow they're creative over there at Apple.
  • aaron686
    Their first mistake was releasing the iPhone 4G JUST after the release of the iPad, rendering it worthless,then to realise the 4G is riddled with faults, rendering that almost useless. Now they're failing at covering it all up by releasing even more useless products to the market, before they focus on clearing up their iPhone Dilemma. I think Jobs is holding Apple wrong...
  • jefe323
    when i read the title I thought, "wait, i already have a smaller's called an iPod Touch"
  • kalogagatya
    iphone: for big egos
    ipad: for bigger egos
    smaller ipad: something in between?
  • Or... they could just release a larger iPod Touch... the iPod Maxi!
  • harlequin6791
  • willgart
    This new device will be called
    iMiddle ;)
    and for sure, you cant take it in your hands, else the device stop working. its only for your private collections... :)
  • I honestly think the ipad's size is just right. What they need to figure out is how to make it lighter.
  • Onus
    Will it have a user-replaceable battery? USB port? No? PASS.
  • blurr91
    harlequin6791Um didn't we go through this already.. but in reverse?A smaller iPad is called an iPhone/iTouch.A lager iPhone/iTouch is called an iPad.Wow they're creative over there at Apple.
    This will be something in the middle called iPad Touch...