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The New iPad Has a Really Massive Battery

When Apple unveiled the new iPad (which is now designated as "third gen" from Apple's site), it said boasted that it featured battery life that was no different from that of the iPad 2.

Having something the same as the previous generation isn't typically something to brag about, but in this case, it is. The battery of the new iPad is 42.5 Wh, which is literally huge. The one in the iPad is just 25 Wh in comparison, making the new one 70 percent greater in capacity.

To put that in perspective, that's more juice than in the 11-inch MacBook Air and nearly as big as the battery in today's 13-inch MacBook Air at 50 Wh.

Obviously LTE brings a lot more battery drain, as evidenced by 4G smartphones. The real need for all that extra power is likely the upgraded screen with its 3.1 million pixels.

The new iPad may be thicker and heavier than the iPad 2, but all that heft and bulk (which is actually quite minimal) has gone to all the places where it counts.

We can't wait to see the teardowns to show us how much of the entire device is just battery.

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