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How to Share Multiple Images and Video in an Instagram Post

Instagram just rolled out a new feature that allows users to share up to 10 photos and videos in a single post. This solves two issues, the first being that Instagram's algorithmic, non-chronological timeline can split up groups of photos and videos you share one-after-the-other, disrupting your story.

Secondly, this might clean up your timeline if people use it to share every single close-up of their brunch or documentation of their terrific view at a concert in the same entry, rather than in ten separate posts. Instagram's long offered this feature to advertisers, so we're happy to see it finally available for its users.

In a blog post announcing this option, Instagram explained a couple of neat ways to use this feature, including telling the story of setting up a surprise party or how to bake a cake.

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Multiple-image posts are simple to interact with, as you swipe left on an image to see the next image, and swipe right to see the previous image. You can identify one of these posts by the series of blue dots underneath the image.

Before you start to post a collection of images and/or videos, make sure you've snapped all your shots, as it requires images and videos to be in the library already. Here's how to share multiple images and videos in a single Instagram post:

1. Start a new post by tapping the + icon.

2. Tap Library.

3. Tap Select Multiple. After you use Carousels the first time, the button will only appear as the two overlaid squares, dropping the label.

4. Select up to 10 items.

5. Tap Next.

6. Tap and hold an image to drag and move it around to change the order. Also, you can Tap a filter to use it for all of your images.Tapping a single image allows you to apply a filter to just that image.

7. Tap Next.

8. As always, you can opt to caption your image, geotag it and tag friends, as well as select social networks to cross-post to. If you opt to tag friends, you'll swipe through the images in your Carousel to see each.

9. Click Share.

You've posted an Instagram Carousel! Swipe left and right to check out your images!