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Identity Theft Customers Sue After Service Doesn't Work


Baltimore (MD) - You know him as the loud mouthed and boastful founder of LifeLock, a company that claims to completely protect you from identity theft. Todd Davis, confident that his services work, has been plastering his Social Security number on television ads and on the side of vans for two years, but according to a new lawsuit, even Davis has been a victim at least 20 times.

Former east coast customers are suing LifeLock over false claims of complete protection. The lead attorney David Paris says the service doesn’t even work for the company’s founder and adds that Davis’ Social Security number has successfully been used to apply for or receive driver’s licenses at least 20 times.

David counters that his figures show there have been 87 attempts at identity theft against him and only one has been successful. A Texas payday loan company loaned out $500 to someone using his Social Security number and Davis claims this only happened because the loan company didn’t go through any of the major credit bureaus for a credit check.

LifeLock charges $10 a month for fraud alerts, but all three major credit bureaus allow customers to do this for free.

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