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Electro Ice Cream Maker Goes Portable

For all of us ice cream lovers out there, designer Orhan Gurbanov has come up with a futuristic gadget perfect for creating your own favorite frosty delight. For those that don't like ice cream, this nifty concept can also make a mean cocktail for yourself or guests. 

As you can see from the photo below, Gurbanov's creation comes in several different colors that feature a modern look. The design uses elastomeric elements giving it an airtight close that will keep your ice cream or cocktails nice and cool while preventing any spills. The LED indicators on the surface of the buttons and device keep things nice and simple.

The square button on the top is for opening the cover to remove or place the glass ice cream bowl that sits securely inside. The single round button controls the ice cream making functions. Because making ice cream or cocktails can get a bit messy, the concept has been designed for easy disassembling in order to make cleaning fast and pain-free.

How much would this neat ice cream maker cost? Gurbanov anticipates that the device would be available for no more than 100 Euros. As far as what will power the device, the designer has not mentioned it, but we're assuming it would require some sort of rechargeable battery.