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Apple Confirms iTunes Hack; Banishes Developer

On Sunday, reports emerged that a Vietnamese developer named Thuat Nguyen was 'gaming the system' by hacking peoples' iTunes accounts and racking up hundreds of dollars in purchases of his own apps. The result was that 42 of the top 50 ebooks on iTunes were his.

Apple yesterday confirmed that something had gone down at the weekend with a statement that said Nguyen and his apps had been removed from the App Store for violating the App Store terms of service.

Apple (via Engadget):

Apple says as few as 400 users (less than 0.0003 percent of all iTunes users) were affected by the hacking. The Cupertino-based company told Clayton Morris that starting today, they're implementing a new security measure to minimize this type of fraud in the future.

Were you affected by Thuat Nguyen's jiggery pokery? Let us know in the comments below!