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iPed: The Chinese Knock-off iPad Running Android

There are tons of companies planning tablets to take on the iPad. Some of them will be running full versions of Windows while others will Android or Chrome OS-based. One tablet running Android is currently doing the rounds in China and it's shameless hoping to profit from the popularity of the iPad, which just launched in Japan last week.

Meet the iPed:

Dressed like an iPad, the packaging for the knock-off device is so similar to the Apple packaging that you have to look twice before realising it's not the real thing. Though the device is a little curvier around the edges than the iPad, it's clear the makers went to great lengths to make this as similar to the Apple creation as possible, right down to the dock, which includes a little iPod icon dubbed 'iPed.'

Probably the most attractive feature of this device is the OS combined with the price. Running Google's Android OS and costing just $105, it's cheaper than the majority of Android smartphones out there, never mind the iPad.

However, though it's dirt cheap, that drop in price doesn't come easily; the hardware isn't on par with what you get in the iPad. It runs on an Intel CPU, packs 128MB of RAM and comes with 16GB of storage. It's also got a 7-inch display rather than the 9.7 inches offered by iPad. It's not the fastest of machines but for $105, you can't really be expecting much.

The iPad has yet to launch in China so it'll be interesting to see how many people purchase one of these before the lawyers in Cupertino wake up.

Video below.