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New iPad Game Pits Humans Against Their Cats

The new iPad is launching tomorrow and you can bet there are tons of excited and eager Apple fans that just cannot wait to get their hands on the device. However, they might have some competition, thanks to this latest cat-friendly iPad game from Friskies.

When the iPad first launched, it became clear that it wasn't just people that found the device engaging. Videos started popping up on YouTube of cats pawing away at the tablet, and this prompted cat food company Friskies to release a few cat-friendly iPad games for the iPad owners with feline friends. This week, the company is announcing the launch of another cat-friendly game, except this one is a bit different.

In what's thought to be the first ever interspecies iPad game, You vs. Cat sees the human player try to 'score' by flicking objects past their cat, who is positioned on the other side of the iPad. The job of the cat is to stop the objects from passing, like a goalkeeper.

Check out the ad for the game below to see it in action. The video gives a pretty good idea of how it works, even if they did use people dressed as animals/mascots as the human players. Oh well, that's March Madness for you.

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